Mental Illness

I’ve learned that we all walk a fine line when it comes to our personal mental health. The pressures facing our society are real and intense and it seems like the gadgets and gizmos that are supposed to make our lives easier have actually made life more difficult and certainly more stressful. Fortunately, many who suffer from mental illness can and do enjoy productive and meaningful lives with strong, significant relationships. However, sadly, there are times when a person’s battle with mental illness can spiral out of control due to any of a myriad of possible reasons.
The probate court has the authority, much like a parent, to step in and order the protection and treatment for a person during a mental health crisis.

For the past 27 years as court-appointed counsel in psychiatric commitment hearings, I’ve represented hundreds of such individuals, many of whom are justifiably frightened, worried, or just angry that they have been involuntarily detained in a psychiatric hospital. I represent these individuals with sincere care and respect, without judgment or bias. I’ve also represented friends and families of mentally ill individuals in an effort to get them help (safety and treatment) and to maintain their dignity in the community. I know the psychiatric commitment process well. If you have questions or concerns about the mental health of a friend, a family member, or even about yourself, don’t put those questions or concerns off any longer. I’ll do whatever I can to help.

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